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10 for ’11 Day Seven: Jakob Hammermeier

by on April 5, 2011

By Thomas Green

Now for something completely different… 

For the past six days, we’ve featured guys that are on the verge of breaking out on the independent wrestling scene for being great in-ring technicians, excellent fliers, and guys who have shown the potential to be great wrestlers. Today’s entry has had approximately one match that anyone’s really seen, but for the past year, he’s arguably been the best part of the Chikara live experience (and, if you pay close attention to the background while watching Chikara DVD’s, he’s a highlight). 

Today’s entry into the 10 for ’11: Jakob Hammermeier. 


While his origins pre-Chikara have been debated, he officially debuted in Chikara at the January 31, 2010 A Touch of Class event as the official ring announcer for Bruderschaft des Kruezes, the evil supergroup led by former Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion Claudio Castagnoli and Swiss standout Ares. 

Immediately, fans who would attend live shows would rave about the little touches Hammermeier brought to the show. His commitment to the character stood out at a time where independent wrestlers in general often show little regard for their personas. Throughout 2010, Hammermeier could often be seen in the background of BDK matches in positions where most guys would think, “Oh, no one can see me, I’ll just sit here”. Hammermeier’s approach, where he would root while his allies were on offense and show disappointment when the technicos (good guys) were on the rise (but not in an over-the-top way that would detract from the bouts), was a refreshing one to say the least. 

But, it’s not just the little touches that Hammermeier impressed me with. He has this ability to immediately become the most dislikable person in the world that most wrestling villains take years to perfect. His facials are remarkable (especially his signature sneer), his voice has this great, slightly femme German accent that seems so perfect for the over-the-top Chikara universe, and, after repeated big bumps at the end of Chikara shows, he showed some fine comedic chops while selling the injuries. 


On March 13th of this year at the Creatures from the Tar Swamp event (which we reviewed for the site), Hammermeier made his in-ring debut for Chikara, defeating Green Ant in a short, very run-in heavy match. The little ring time Hammermeier got, he showed potential to carry over his charisma and dislikability to his ring work. He furthers his run as a wrestler in Chikara, teaming with fellow BDK members Tim Donst and Delirious in Chikara’s King of Trios on April 15-17 in Philadelphia. 

As for the rest of this year? I’m conflicted, as I don’t know whether I want to see him develop as a wrestler and hope he keeps his bad guy charm or hope he stays in that “wrestles like a manager” position, which could be entertaining as heck, but lead to little growth beyond Chikara. Whatever he does, I’m sure he’ll continue to look leagues beyond his experience level when it comes to the little touches that make a villain unlikable. 


(Editor’s note: be sure to come back tomorrow at noon, as we reveal class member #8 in our 10 for ’11. Tomorrow, Rob Naylor drops a knowledge bomb and gives us his pick in the 10 for ’11.)


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