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WWE Wrestlemania 27 Winners & Losers

by on April 4, 2011

Anything to drive up hits…


WWE’s production team. Kevin Dunn gets a lot of crud (and rightfully so), but one day a year, they get to show the world that they can eat anyone up and poop them out. With the exception of the silly inflatable “AWESOME” deal during Miz’s entrance, I don’t think a single visual element of this show was off. Plus, I also have to commend whoever pulled the strings to use something besides angry white-kid nu-metal for the Miz and Cena videos. Also, in my opinion, the Miz video was the coolest thing they’ve done since that Rock/Austin “My Way” video at Wrestlemania 17.

Brodus Clay & Alex Riley. These two guys end up going from the goof troop show (NXT) on Tuesday nights to working the title matches at Wrestlemania. Riley even has gotten the chance to work angles with The Rock. They totally could have kiboshed either guy getting their corner spot at Mania (and it seemed like they were for sure going to after that cage match with John Cena a few weeks back), but they brought the dude back. Even if those guys do nothing else in WWE and get fired on Friday, they can tell their kids they did spots during the top matches at Wrestlemania in front of 70,000 fans.

Josh Matthews. Similar to Clay and Riley, the guy can say, even if he gets fired tomorrow, that he called half of a Wrestlemania and took a stunner from Steve Austin in front of 70,000-plus people.

Cody Rhodes. If his stock isn’t through the roof right now, I don’t know how you can get it there. After the shenanigans of tonight (more on that in the other column), he’s got to be the hottest young star in the company right now. He went out and had Rey Mysterio’s best Wrestlemania match ever, his character’s a step above most in the company, and he’s the only young guy on the show who beat a veteran star. (Also, kudos to Rey Mysterio for putting him over the right way.)

Zack Ryder. He didn’t get a major Wrestlemania moment, but he got to do a segment with a celebrity and bump for Roddy Piper (who, as a New York kid, he probably worshipped as a child). I hope this is the beginning of them throwing him a bone, but somehow I doubt it.

Undertaker. Argue what you will about the AARP gang headlining Mania, but Taker had his third show-stealing match in three years and did a great job setting up vulnerability for next year’s match, which you have to think will be his last match ever. Between how well he sold the beating tonight, the buzz around him retiring next year, and going for 20-0, it will be huge.


Anyone who’s push started in the past year. The ending of the show was pretty ridiculous, with a guy who’ll be part-time (at best) beating up both of the guys who have to stay around and carry the load, but you also have to remember that they could have really made Alberto Del Rio a star tonight with a World Title win and they blew that one for a cute moment with a car.  Then, there was that ending…they seriously need to have something incredible for Raw tomorrow, or else they completely trashed their next six months to make old fans happy. It absolutely reeked of someone getting scared to death and deciding the show needed to end “safely”. It was the most transparent “big moment” they’ve had in a long time; it was triumphant in the worst way possible.

People who watched the show at bars. Tweets across America signaled that the pay-per-view signal went out during the Cole/Lawler match. Luckily, it was just temporary, but I know that at least at the sports bar I was at, it killed the mood until the final couple of matches.

Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. The poor guys seemingly tear it up at every single house show for the past month and have a couple of really good TV matches, then have their Wrestlemania moment given to twenty other guys and are used as fodder so that they can get good media circulation in India this morning. People remember a LOT of things from Wrestlemania events: good, bad, and ugly. There are thirty-second matches that get remembered for decades for no reason other than they were at Wrestlemania. Even if Sheamus and Bryan only got the ninety seconds that the Corre eight-man got, they would’ve gotten the pay-per-view payday and a little bit of credit. As is, we might get a great match on Raw tomorrow that people will remember for two weeks.

Wade Barrett. The exact opposite of Riley & Clay. He was the non-Bryan star of NXT season one and, for his troubles, ends up in a ninety-second match where he could’ve been replaced by anyone on the roster and no one would’ve noticed. The guy went from being one of the brightest shining stars in the company to the 2011 equivalent of Skinner at Wrestlemania 8.

Whoever designed Snooki’s sports bra. That dude’s a failure at his job. Things were bouncing in places that there should be no bounce.



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  1. hayalu girma permalink

    would have been the right time for the dead man to retire.though i expected triple h to learn from his best friends past failures, he did`not and like he said he died trying,and rested in peace.

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