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4/4 Match of the Day: John Morrison & The Miz vs Carlito & Primo Colon

by on April 4, 2011

In honor of Wrestlemania last night and the (rightful) outrage over the Daniel Bryan/Sheamus match being changed to a pre-show battle royal, today’s Match of the Day comes in the form of its equivalent from Wrestlemania 25, as current WWE Champion The Miz teamed with John Morrison to face Carlito & Primo Colon. It was scheduled to be on the main card in a match to unify the Raw & Smackdown tag team titles and the teams had been feuding for weeks to build up the match, but (much like Bryan/Sheamus) whoever timed the show couldn’t find the space to squeeze this one in, so they got shoved to the pre-show.

It is an odd trivia fact that the winner of the Wrestlemania 27 WWE Title main event was, just two years’ prior, the loser in the pre-show match.

The match can be seen in full underneath the cut!



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