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1994 WCW BLOGJECT: 2/19/94

by on April 4, 2011


We open with a Boss promo, declaring once again that he’ll lay down the law…in a no-disqualfiication Thundercage match. Yep. How do we know he’s the Boss? His baseball cap, of course…


-Ronnie Vegas of ridiculous Midwest indies and AWF enhancement fame is the opponent, but WCW is a formal place of business. He showed up and they told him, “Mr. Vegas, we CANNOT have anyone going on our television show calling himself ‘Ronnie’. Also, do something with that hair of yours.”
-Vegas’ selling for Steel’s flipper forearms is incredible. Very Mo Howard-like.
-Steel wins, like usual, with the Steel Trap Thesz Press.
-Heenan on Ron Vegas: “It takes a good man to beat Vegas. It just doesn’t take them that long.”

Gene is with Maxx Payne and Cactus Jack at ringside. The myth that Cactus Jack just started doing ha-ha when he hit ECW gets destroyed, as Jack’s entire promo are bad breath jokes directed at Missy Hyatt. Well, that and the Flintstones promo from a couple of weeks ago.

Bobby & Tony pitch to clips from the Vader/Flair match from Starrcade. It was awesome, duh.

THE NASTY BOYS (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs, w/ Missy Hyatt) vs LARRY SANTO & OTIS APOLLO
-The crowd is chanting “Brush Your Teeth” at Missy. Larry Santo cheerleads them in the most intense, “I’m going to cut both of your throats” type of way possible…

-Santo sold a forearm to the back…by flying up in the air and taking a back bump. Wrestling physics, folks.
-The kneedrop has to be the most brutal-looking move that even mediocre wrestlers can do correctly. Saggs busted one out here and, while I’m sure he was a jerk and really dropped it on Otis Apollo’s forehead, there are a lot of guys who do that move who pull it and it looks so painful.
-Saggs finishes Apollo off with the sack ‘o’ potatoes elbow drop off of the top rope.
-I enjoyed how Tony blatantly promoted an Okerlund interview with the Nasties, then they never went to it.

-I never really have thought about it, but it’s kind of ridiculous how the WWF never tried to sue WCW for how similar the Superbrawl logo looked like the Wrestlemania logo.
-Gene promoted Jack & Payne as “the team that defies all logic”.
-I enjoyed everyone else doing their Superbrawl insert promos in street clothes, but Arn Anderson absolutely NEEDING to remove his shirt before he could talk:

-Gene’s with Nick Bockwinkel and the Boss. If someone didn’t get that the Boss was refereeing the main event at Superbrawl after this show, with two promos about it already within a half hour, they were stupid. The dude straight-up threatened to fight Vader which, if I were unbiased commissioner Nick Bockwinkel, would have thrown up smoke signals for me.


-I poop you not: Ricky Santana got his own entrance. His music was pretty incredible too; it was very Miami Vice chase scene-esque.
-I hope the Patriot only fights foreigners. Like, the WCW Championship Committee comes up to Patriot with a contract for Arn Anderson, and he’s all “Nuh-uh, I cannot fight him”.
-For a competent wrestler, Patriot sure looked like he was scared to death of falling down when he landed on leapfrogs.
-Patriot might also be the only guy I’ve ever seen who took a spinning heel kick to the bridge of the nose and not bump for it.
-The Patriot wins it with the (not as of yet named) Uncle (full-nelson) Slam.

-Stevie Ray cut a promo on police officers working security for the tapings. For no reason.

-2 Cold’s dancing seemed to make Stevie Ray VERY angry. As soon as Scorpio goes into the routine, Stevie Ray shoves him and starts cussing.
-Booker & Stevie still seemed to be Kane and Kole at this point, judging by Tony saying the name “Kole” the one time he addressed either Harlem Heat member by name.
-It’s weird how people’s voices deepen with age. Booker T. yelled at a heckler and you would’ve sworn he was twelve years old compared to how he sounds now.
-It’s weird how this match seemed to be booked to showcase Bagwell and Scorpio, considering that Heat were the ones working the pay-per-view the next day.
-Heenan’s been extra-ridiculos during this match. He went on an EPIC rant about how stupid “Whoop, there it is!” sounds, told off Florida State for not bringing Ron Simmons with them to the White House after winning the national championship, and said if he were in the ring, he’d “twist Bagwell’s windpipe”.
-2 Cold Scorpio had to be the best hot tag in North America at this point in time. He had incredible offense to bump guys around with, he had lots of fire, and he was legitimately over.
-Ron Simmons runs out for interference and Scorpio wipes him out with a GIGANTIC no-touch tope where he DESTROYED his face on the guardrail. Harlem Heat ended up winning via countout because Scorpio had knocked himself into Thursday on the dive.
-They seemed to be setting up Simmons as a player-coach for the Heat.

Gene’s at the interview set with Vader and Harley Race. They played footage of Vader working out before Starrcade, including him arriving to the building wearing a towel like a scarf…

-They didn’t announce anyone’s names who were facing Vader. The only way I remembered Sullivan’s name is because he always looked like this comedian buddy of Dave Coulier’s that would get frequent cameos on Full House.
-Remember the gorilla press bump that Brandon “The Thrill” Hill took during the Big Show/Mayweather Mania hype? Sullivan took that bump during this match.
-The other guy was Otis Apollo, who JUST WRESTLED THREE MATCHES AGO. That dude must’ve had EPIC heat, having to wrestle Vader and the Nasty Boys at the same taping.

They cut to a promo from the Main Event show from the previous Sunday where Diamond Dallas Page attacked Terry Taylor. I’m guessing they aired this since the ENTIRE build for this match was on Main Event.  Page explained that he had a fishing pole with him since “I need to relax and go fishing after this”. Yep, on a Sunday night. He ended up whipping Taylor with it until Arn Anderson made the save.

-Oakes & Parker got an entrance too! The heck?

-Ron Oaks is the reason why guys are told to bring plain, generic gear to WWE tapings. This dude shows up to WCW TV with his stars and stripes trunks, then gets told he’s working heel as a job guy and ends up looking like a moron.
-Buddy Lee Parker did a version of the Naniwa crabwalk elbow, I swear.
-They keep doing weird cuts to the crowd in the middle of spots, so I’m guessing Mr. Thunder and Mr. Lightning weren’t quite ready for prime time.
-Weird thing: after getting the hint last time, Thunder & Lightning finish off this match with Harlem Heat’s elbow/powerbomb finisher at the time.

Promo with Steve Austin, Rick Rude, and Paul Orndorff to build up the Thunderdome six-man at Superbrawl. Rick Rude won my heart by renaming the match, “The Rudemeister On A Rampage”. Austin didn’t throw around the finger or call anyone an “ass”, but this was certainly as close to a Stone Cold promo as you’d get from him in WCW.

-Stevens must really have sucked to show up at a WCW TV taping jacked to the gills and not get a contract.
-…yeah, this dude sucks. Back bumps must not be taught at the school he was trained at.
-Heenan, like usual, keeps calling Boss “Bossman”.
-Another spot that someone needs to bring back: the reverse over-the-shoulder shoulderbreaker. That thing looks BRUTAL.
-Boss wins, then tosses Stevens out of the ring like a jerk. How the heck did people cheer this guy?

-Seriously, did the editor not watch the show? Did the booker not pick which job guys went into which matches? Shephard just got completely obliterated by Vader and he’s back out, not selling a thing.
-I’m sure that Shephard’s grandkids have been forced to watch a second-generation VHS tape of this match a hundred times so that they understand how famous “Papaw Matt” was.
-Look at the ridiculous way Shephard took this DDT:

-At least Shephard was decent enough to not completely kill himself on the piledriver finish, but man, Orndorff looked pissed off by the time that match was over.

-In case you didn’t see Friday’s Blogject and don’t know how ridiculous-looking the Mauler was…

-Last week, Mauler looked scary. Actually seeing him in the ring in his gear, he just looks like a goof.
-Parker left during the opening of the bout and came back out a few minutes ago. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks someone called an audible after seeing how bad Mauler was during the first minute or so and needed to communicate it to the ring.
-Mauler’s offense seriously consisted of a chinlock and him walking over Pillman’s stomach very carefully.
-Pillman went over with a top rope dropkick in what had to be one of Pillman’s worst matches during his in-ring peak. The victory caused this mother/son duo to excitedly slap some skin…

They end the show with Ric Flair standing by with Gene Okerlund. They aired clips of Flair beating up Vader to reassure you that Ric Flair could beat this man that they’ve put over as Mike Tyson, M. Bison, and the United States Army all wrapped into one. Ric Flair and Jerry Lawler might be the two best go-home promo guys of all-time. I just watched Superbrawl IV on WWE 24/7 a couple of months ago, but Flair’s promo made me want to spend money to watch him overcome the odds and punch Vader’s nose in again.

This week overall didn’t contain a ton of great wrestling, but the mission of the show was to hard-sell Superbrawl. That being said, they did a bad job at putting over the six-man in the cage. You got one promo from the bad guys and Orndorff squashed a goof. Pillman’s main event didn’t even have any sort of mention of the match. Ridiculous.

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