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10 for ’11 Day Six: Tripp Cassidy

by on April 4, 2011

By Thomas Green

“Breakout Star”  

If you ask the guy that we’re profiling today, he’s already the breakout star of this and every other year. His name is Tripp Cassidy, and even though most of you haven’t heard of this kid yet, I bet by the end of the year a few more of you will be hearing his name.

Tripp Cassidy is an 18 year old kid just finishing up his first year in the business, but don’t let that fool you, he’s got the ring presence and mind of someone who’s been around quite a bit longer. Whether he’s out there being the most ridiculous he can be just to elicit a negative reaction from the fans, or gathering their support as the babyface in peril, Tripp brings the goods to do whatever is needed of him. 

Tripp made his debut fresh out of the School of Roc (former Chikara/IWA Mid-South-current IPW wrestler Billy Roc’s school, which you can find online at on March 6, 2010, as the masked Akira Tatsu for the Insanity Pro Wresting promotion out of Indianapolis. A few months went by, and Akira fought valiantly, but had limited success…very limited. Things started to change for him around August, after losing his mask mid-ring, his attitude started to change a little. Gone was the happy go lucky, happy to be here Akira Tatsu, and in IPW the more focused, determined Tripp Cassidy was born. This man has stood toe to toe with the likes of his trainer Roc, 2011 CZW Best of the Best Competitor Jake Crist, and international star Drake Younger, among others. While he rarely comes out on top, he continues to impress with his heart and will to succeed. 


Elsewhere around the Indiana independent scene, we have another form of Tripp Cassidy altogether. He yells at fans, gouges eyes, runs away from his opponents, and just generally carries himself in the most flamboyant, ridiculous manner possible. When you see him, you really never know what to expect, whether he’s coming to the ring in a tattered form of his old Akira mask, wearing a weighted workout vest which causes him to not be able to pull himself off of the mat after a defeat, or even just carrying the top of a broom, Tripp has the charisma that whatever he does, it just seems to work for him. Not in a wins and losses way, but in a way where you just want to see what silly, asinine thing that he does or says next. 

Tripp is looking to expand his horizons in 2011, taking whatever bookings he can, looking to get more and more in ring time, trying to get to more places where his stock can rise, and he can show off everything he brings to the table. He’s more than willing to get himself out there. This guy is motivated and determined to go places, he’s got nowhere to go but up. 


You can “like” Tripp on Facebook on his official fan page and can see him at Insanity Pro Wrestling‘s big Future Stars vs Current Stars pre-show before their Uprising event on Saturday, April 9th. Belltime for the “Future Stars” event is 5:15 PM.


(Tomorrow, be sure to come back when we reveal 10 for ’11 class member #7, on our road to unvealing our entire indie wrestling breakout freshman class!)

  1. Anthony Scott Handlon permalink

    This is great I love Tripp but thats because he’s my son and I am very proud of him he has been working very hard in trianing and going to the gym each day to get to his dream one day. I’m behind him 100.o/o so look out his come Tripp Cassidy

    • This makes me incredibly happy to read. Best of luck to your son and congrats to you as well for doing a great job as a parent and being very supportive.

      – Mike

      • Tripp Cassidy…I hate this kid, more specific, I hate his face and he make me itch.

        Seriously though, keep your eyes out for him, he has the right mindset for this business and definitely has the heart and determination to make it to where he wants to be. I see nothing but good things for his future.

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