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Xplosion: Where TNA Wrestling Still Happens.

by on April 1, 2011

So, 99.9999999% of the internet trashes Total Nonstop Action weekly for having no wrestling on their shows, being completely nonsensical, and so on. I absolutely, positively agree. But, while most praise the house shows as the place where they still get something out of the roster, there’s another venue where you can still see their undercard players bust their rears to provide good wrestling entertainment: Xplosion.

Yeah, it’s not on free TV, but if you can read this, you can see Xplosion. It’s all over Youtube. Half of the durned links that turn up when you search Youtube for “TNA wrestling” are Xplosion matches. It’s their equivalent of WWE Superstars. Sure, the blue lighting is kind of stupid, but once you look past that, it’s a pretty solid little show with mostly wrestling matches. Below the cut are examples to prove my point; a few full matches featuring those who really should be on the main show, but at least get this show to bust their humps.

Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck


Chris Sabin vs Max Buck


Magnus vs Crimson




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