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10 for ’11 Day Five: Ty Hagen

by on April 1, 2011

By Mike Falcone

Anyone’s who has followed my pro wrestling interests throughout my podcasts on here and and has read any message board posts knows I am a huge huge HUGE fan of Adam Cole. As of press time, we’re heading into arguably the biggest weekend of Adam’s wrestling career with two big profile tag team matches, live on iPPV, during the biggest weekend of the year for Ring of Honor. However, there is another man from Lancaster, PA who I feel is due for his breakout at any time in more of the bigger independent leagues – the former High Definition Tyler Veritas, who currently wrestles as Ty Hagen.

Veritas, who I still refer to him as despite the name change, is one of the youngest, brightest, and full of potential indy wrestlers on the east coast. For any sport fans, this guy is my equivalent to a first round draft pick in the NHL. He may take a few years to get all the tricks of the trade down and get a little more polished, but the potential is there, for this kid to be special some day. I think breaking in as the same time as Cole and seeing how far Cole has come really shouldn’t be a knock on Veritas as much as it’s simply a testament to Adam’s amazing talent and chance to get an ROH roster spot and be on these shows.

I felt 2010 was a mixed year for him. On one hand, he got to break out a bit more and start a feud with his legit friend from childhood Adam Cole, as well as winning an instant title shot in a one night series of matches. On the other hand, he was injured at around the beginning of the year after winning the CZW Wired TV title and when he returned, he was booked to look like a complete goof and piled on a bunch of losses, one of which was his aforementioned title shot against Cole AFTER he had already wrestled AR Fox. However, Ty recently had a match against Akuma at the March CZW event, and despite losing, showed incredible heart and skill against the former Chikara/DGUSA veteran. While I may not be Akuma’s biggest fan by any stretch, he’s a guy who has been in this business for a while, has wrestled some big names, and is a guy who Ty needs to wrestle more of. Every time I see Ty in a match with a non-green wrestler, HE is the one who sticks out. Putting him in a promotion like Chikara or Evolve where it’s more about wrestling than promos or in the Ring of Honor undercards as opposed to the same old Grizzly Redwood shtick would be incredibly beneficial for him and something I’m really hope happens this year.

He’s more of a submission guy than he’ll wow you with high flying moves, but he’ll bust those out too every once in a while, and he’ll do them as good as anyone. But he’s very good on the mat with his Veritap/crossface type finisher. Would love to see how he’d do in that aspect with some more training with other guys.

So please check out Tyler if you haven’t already because the dude is as solid as they come right now and he’s still very young with a lot of room to really grow in 2011. If given the chance to get his time to shine, he’s in a great position to breakout and impress some people big time.



(Note from Tom: Come back on Monday, as we’ll continue the 10 for ’11 then with #6 in our freshman breakout class!)


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