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Episode 28: iLenny

by on March 31, 2011

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This week, we take a long, hard look at the big iPPV’s of this big Wrestlemania weekend! First, Leonard F. Chikarason joins us to take a brief look at some of the more heralded teams in King of Trios, as well as the big Dragon Gate USA shows in Atlanta (for which he’ll be there doing commentary), the 1994 WCW Blogject on, Red’s hairstyles throughout the years, and more! Lenny was one of the most fun, easy-to-talk-to guests we’ve had on the show and he’ll for sure be back in the VERY near-future to talk King of Trios a
nd whatever else comes up in a longer segment.
Then, America’s favorite Canadian Travis McNeill comes on the line to go down the lineup for Ring of Honor’s iPPV’s in Atlanta at Center Stage this weekend. We talk about all of the younger talent getting a shot to shine in ROH, express outrage about Slim J not being on the shows, and more before getting down to the real business: what happened to Weasel after Saved by the Bell: The New Class? Mike drops a
HUGE knowledge bomb during this segment, plus we give our thoughts on the most recent edition of How I Met Your Mother!
(If you want to order Saturday’s DGUSA iPPV, PLEASE order it through THIS LINK (hint: it helps our website))
Approximate time: 77 minutes.

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