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10 for ’11 Day Four: Reed Bentley

by on March 31, 2011

By Nick Maniwa



From the gated communities in the hills of Kentucky comes Reed Bentley, who is still in his rookie year. Bentley broke out on the scene in a impromptu handicap match at the Destination One Wrestling event on May 22, 2010. He did not fair well in that match but the same can not be said about his career.

In the fall of 2010, Bentley had the chance to test his skills against a former King of the Deathmatches, “Mean” Mitch Page in Charlestown, Indiana. He came up short in his matches but it was evident that Bentley had the heart. You could tell he wanted it, it was just getting to that next level. Soon Bentley would get that chance…

Bentley made his debut for Insanity Pro Wrestling (one of, if not THE premier indie group in Indiana) on December 4, 2010. He was in a pre-show match against Tripp Cassidy (another guy to keep an eye on). The match ended in a no contest after Jesse Emerson ran in and beat down both men. Bentley had a chance to go back to IPW for their biggest show to date, on 1/1/11 to do battle with Tripp Cassidy once again and feel victim to Tripp’s exploder suplex.

Bentley made the 2 hour trek back up to Indy for IPW in February. The IPW show was plagued with problems. The building cancelled, then they uncanceled. The ring was frozen to the floor of a garage in northern Indiana. He had passed up a chance to work a local show, 30 minutes away from his house, on the chance that he could possibly get on the IPW show. At the moment, it was looking like it was all for nothing. However, another promotion offered to put up IPW for the night and the show went on. Instead of wrestling Tripp Cassidy once again, he had his biggest test to date, by taking on PT Hustla. In what seems to be a pattern, he came up short and got a concussion for his troubles. Bu,t he impressed IPW management, who invited him back for their April show.

After working for IPW, he wasn’t sure what to do next. Then, the Heartland Wrestling Association (out of Ohio) came calling. They booked him for a show on April 15th in Hamilton, Ohio. Bentley was set to make his debut then…until HWA came calling once again and asked him to fill in for someone on March 19th. Reed Bentley made his debut, tagging with “Lightning” Tim Lutz against the (also debuting) tag team Brutally Handsome. During the match, Bentley suffered a “freak” ankle injury and couldn’t do too much. Lutz, among others, feel that Bentley was faking his injury since he wasn’t the center of attention during the match. Lutz confronted Bentley on HWA’s online show, The Pulse and Bentley had no explanation. HWA took notice of this and set up a match between Lutz/Bentley for April 15th in Hamilton, Ohio. (To check out the tag match mentioned above, go to THIS LINK.)

Bentley’s gimmick is kind of tough to explain. If he worked for a fed with TV, it’d be amazing the stuff you could do with it. His gimmick is that he’s a college student by day (which he actually is) and by night, he finds independent wrestling shows to take his anger out on some unsuspecting victim. He’s really stepped the look up by wearing a douchebag button-up cardigan to the ring. He has one of those smiles that you just want to see someone smack off of his face.

He’s what you would call a student of the game. He’s recently began watching tapes of guys like Tully Blanchard and Gino Hernandez. He’s pretty sneaky and smarmy as it is. But once he’s able to put the qualities of say, a Tully or Gino, into his character, I think that would just help him get to that next level. Right now, the only bad thing about him is that he has no good footage. All his best matches weren’t taped and the matches that he does have online don’t showcase him as well since they are tag matches. I’m hoping that changes soon.

What does the rest of 2011 bring for Reed Bentley? In my eyes, he can only go up. He’s working regularly for Insanity Pro Wrestling, got a shot at Heartland Wrestling Association and got invited back. He really needs to travel the roads with a vet (someone like Tracy Smothers or Ricky Morton), do some seminars with experienced guys or continue being in the same locker rooms with guys such as Billy Roc, BJ Whitmer, Tony Kozina, and so on, to really improve. Things like that will help him grow leaps and bounds over the run of the mill weekend warrior indy wrestler of 2011.


To find out more about Reed Bentley, “Like” him on Facebook at

(Note from Tom: Thanks to Nick for providing today’s guest blog as we continue on the road to filling our freshman breakout class for 2011. Nick’s been around the business since he was learning his alphabet, so he knows his stuff (and he’s as good of a friend as a guy could ask for). Come back tomorrow for another edition to the class and thanks for supporting Mike & Tom Present…)


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