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3/28 Match of the Day: Jerry Lynn vs Lance Storm

by on March 28, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from an ECW house show event from Daytona Beach, Florida on September 4, 1999, as Lance Storm faced Jerry Lynn.

Jerry Lynn from ECW became this really formulaic wrestler who used the fish out of water spot and even-steven rope running the same way Hulk Hogan used the big boot and legdrop, and Lance Storm has awful strikes. Bad traits aside, this match is pretty impressive for the fact that these guys shoved a LOT into ten minutes, yet none of the things they threw in was a flat back bump. You would never notice that this match was bumpless if it wasn’t pointed out to you beforehand, as they work extremely hard and at a really fast pace. This wasn’t nearly as good as their Anarchy Rulz ’99 pay-per-view match (which, knowing how much Mike and I both love that match, I’m sure one of us will post that in this feature one of these days), but this is arguably more interesting because of the no-bump factor.

(Link underneath the cut…)


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