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1994 WCW BLOGJECT: 2/5/94

by on March 28, 2011


We start this week with the three-shot stand-up with the announcers (Tony, Bobby, and “Mean” Gene). They open the show by reminding fans that the Flair/Vader Thunderdome match at Superbrawl was cancelled. Like I mentioned last week, this was an insanely ballsy move, considering they knew they were still doing the match. Also, I’d be improper not to mention that the production values on WCW TV were noticably improving around this time, even in little aspects like multiple camera angles for the announcers’ open.

They recapped the Vader/Flair injury saga from the Clash to last week’s Bockwinkel press conference where Vader yelled and screamed and such.

We get a pre-taped promo from Steven Regal for his match with Sting on this episode.  Regal’s seemingly always been an incredible dresser. Sir William asked if, when he won, the little Stingers would become “Little Regals”. Regal, without missing a beat, replied, “No, they will still be little urchins.”

(more under the cut…)

-I always found it interesting how hardcore fans were OFFENDED at how the WWF could dress Ricky Steamboat up in a silly costume, breathe fire and make him play a literal dragon, yet Steamboat was so not offended that he took the entire schtick to WCW. He apparently brought his action figures from the WWF with him too:

-Tom Burton seems like either the single most stiff (in the literal sense, not as in he hits hard) wrestler of all-time. He looks like he has to try REALLY hard to move whatsoever. When you’re built like a potato, that happens.
-Harley Race tries running into the ring to interrupt Steamboat finishing off Burton, but Steamboat, unlike most good guys, just says “eff it” and bodypresses Race without thinking about it. Vader then runs out (in the same swank clothing he wore last week!) and lays out Steamboat, then takes out four enhancement guys at once (I’ve NEVER seen four guys bump so quickly in my life) before Grizzly Smith and the WCW agent crew run out to end the shenanigans.
-Vader almost called Steamboat a “chickenshit” as he’s walking out, but stops himself like only Vader can: by grunting.

-Gene replays the Bockwinkel press conference footage that they’ve already played once. It’s like they think people watch for one quarter, then don’t turn back. -Dustin Rhodes wore one of my mom’s oven mitts for a shirt during his promo:

-Gene officially announced Arn Anderson’s return, facing Lord Regal at the PPV. He gets in a bit of a dig at Sid’s stabbing abilities, saying Arn’s “never looked any better”
-Gene’s sleazy hotline tease this week: “Sources tell me Hulk Hogan and Sting might be teaming up!”. If you called in, you’d find out Sting did a guest-starring role on Thunder in Paradise, Hogan’s television show.

Tony Schiavone is standing by with Nick Bockwinkel, whose hair might fly off of his head:

Ric Flair “calls in” (which sounds like a voiceover with an awfully cheesy “telephone” audio filter). Flair wants back in for Superbrawl since, in his words, “Vader takes too many liberties”. That’s the truth, bud. Bockwinkel says he’ll have an announcement by the end of the show regarding the issue.

MARK STARR & UNCLE FRED vs PRETTY WONDERFUL (Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff, w/ The Assasain)

-Yes, Mark Starr got his own entrance. I am overjoyed.-Once again, they showed signs for a heel babyfacing him:

-They REALLY put over Fred, who’s a silly comedy character, early by having him destroy both members of Pretty Wonderful by himself. I understand the whole Mighty Igor deal, but it gets a bit much when it ruined your credible heels’ credibility.
-Button-up shirts do not make for good wrestling gear on fat dudes. They always become creepy boob tops.
-Oddly enough, after they put over Shockmaster as having the strength of ten gods, they get the heat on him, then Starr (normally an enhancement guy) gets the hot tag.
-Orndorff gets the win after a piledriver. It was precedded by a bizarre spot where Roma tried coming back into the ring and Starr sent him to the floor with a hip strike…then Starr started selling.-Really weirdly-structured match. Confusing at times.

Pretty Wonderful’s with Gene at the floor. Judging by the fact that Gene’s first question was about Vader and Flair, that will be the subject of every single promo on the show. Orndorff actually gives a logical explanation why he’s in the Thundercage (he’s getting revenge on Dustin Rhodes for the Assasain, who was doing promos back and forth on Dusty Rhodes late in 1993 to build up a feud).

-It looks like Arn made his return quicker than I thought.-Did anyone else ever find it bizarre that a cop not only wore tights instead of pants, but that he showed up to wrestling events while he was on the clock and got into fights?
-Arn wins in quick order with the spinebuster. There wasn’t much to the match, though Arn did bust out a TREMENDOUS kneedrop. Loved it.
-Commissioner Bockwinkel comes back out to the announce position…to tell the fans that he’s still in the meeting to decide whether to sanction the Flair/Vader match. Seriously.

-Tango already shows his ring mastery by applying a headlock on the wrong side.
-This might be one of the most amusing squash matches ever. Thunder & Lightning aren’t experienced enough to know what to do when a job guy no-sells your stuff, so it just looks super-clunky.
-Bobby asks if Bill Payne is related to Maxx or Carol Payne, then says he’s not impressed by Thunder & Lightning’s youth since “they’re not six years old; that’s really young”.
-They win when the one that ended up being nWo Sting hits a top rope clothesline, getting the clue from a few weeks ago that they were doing Harlem Heat’s finisher.

Rick Rude comes out for a promo with Gene Okerlund. He’s VERY well-dressed…other than a wacky tie:

It was interesting to see Rick Rude’s transformation in WCW from the ladies’ man who was just into being sexy to the women, to this super-aggressive, testosterone-filled caveman who hated everyone and just wanted to punch dudes in the face.

They aired an ad for the new WCW merchadise catalog, live from Zack Morris’ bedroom:

-It’s always funny to see Terry Taylor in his robe, knowing it was the hand-me-down robe in TNA whenever a heel needed one.
– There’s a ridiculous difference between the crispness in this match and everything else on the show.-The story of the match is that Austin repeatedly refuses to pin Taylor properly, giving Terry the opening to kick out even though Austin is beating him ridiculously.
-During Taylor’s short, short comeback, he busts out Austin Aries’ shinbreaker into the side suplex. Interesting.
-Austin gets the win by holding the tights in a match that didn’t get nearly enough time (I think the match time was probably four minutes).

Gene Okerlund gets a segment just to re-plug the Hogan-Sting story on the Hotline. They didn’t even bother hiding the shilling nature of the segment.

-More moms need to name their kids “The”, especially when they have great last names like “Equalizer”.
-For the third segment in a row, Schiavone teases that they’ll have the decision for the Flair/Vader match at Superbrawl after the match.
-This match literally goes one minute. I’m not sad, since Dave Sullivan kind of sucked, but they hyped three main events on this show and so far, two of them have gone a combined five minutes.
-In that one minute, it was all Boss offense, which is good because of how good Ray Traylor was. In particular, he got to bust out his awesome karate kick wristlock reversal.

Nick Bockwinkel’s back at the announce position and they have Ric Flair on the line. Bockwinkel, instead of just telling Flair the conditions, he has to read a long-winded release from the WCW Board of Directors, stating that Flair needs to get a medical release before Superbrawl to get the match back on. Flair promises he’ll do that, saying all but that he’s going to a mark doctor to get it done.

We go to Gene Okerlund at ringside with Harley Race and Vader, with his stylish leather jacket with no shirt:

It was always awkward to hear grown men who obviously drank lots of whiskey and lived hard lives having to say words like “butt” when describing how they’d defeat their opponents.

-I know Regal (as we all do) has gained a little weight through the years, but even after seeing him on a couple of other episodes, his thinness surprised me in this match:

-Regal took this incredible bump for a shoulderblock where he barely touches the mat, then is able to push up with his left arm so that he’s up in the air selling without having to take much of a bump, but still making it look impressive.
-Sting and Regal never got the credit they deserved for their chemistry in the ring. People talk about how great their match at the Great American Bash 1996 was, but they had other TV matches through the years that were just as good. What’s most impressive is that Sting is wrestling a Regal-style match; it’s not like Regal’s pulling his usual chameleon act, performing well in the format of his opponent.
-I’m sure Regal is having something to do with it, but Sting really looks like he’s hanging with Regal on the British-style chain wrestling.
-Just as impressively, Regal pinballs like a madman for Sting during his comeback, playing up to Sting’s strengths…and right as I say that, they do a fancy spot where Regal goes for the Artful Dodger, but Sting reverses with a flying mare.
-Sting wins with a backslide after a spot where they throw dropkicks at each other and miss. I dug the finish since Sting couldn’t beat Regal with the Scorpion Deathlock and had to get a flash pin to keep Regal’s shoulders down, which put Regal over in defeat.

Overall, a sadly disappointing episode. The matches they advertised had potential to make this the best in-ring episode I’ve seen yet, but Taylor/Austin got no time at all and there were no overly-impressive squashes. But, if you get a chance, try to hunt down Sting/Regal, as it was the (I’m assuming) first in a line of impressive random matches they had throughout Regal’s WCW run.


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