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UFC Fight Night Live: Winners & Losers

by on March 27, 2011

This is something I hope to do for all of the Spike TV Fight Nights in the future, where we look at the card and examine who the real winners and losers of the evening are; not just the guys with X’s and O’s by their names.


Jake Shields. Maybe the biggest winner of the night, Shields was given a great amount of quality promotional time to become a star contender for Georges St. Pierre on April 30th, between the incredible commercial that debuted last Saturday airing twice, him getting promo time himself that was edited so it wasn’t awkward because of the satellite delay, and St. Pierre doing a great job of talking Shields up as this dangerous jiu-jitsu specialist. With the news coming out that the next three-week UFC Primetime special is Shields/St. Pierre, Shields has no reason to not become a star off of this build.

(More under the cut…)

Chan Sung Jung. The “Korean Zombie” justified his cult following last night. After a brutal knockout loss to George Roop at WEC 51, some were questioning if Sung Jung’s body (and jaw) had been wrecked by the legendary first Garcia fight or if he had learned any sort of technique after that wild brawl. Sung Jung shut up all of the nay-sayers by showing some technique on the feet, then dominating Garcia (who trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has plenty of submission wins) on the ground before providing another highlight moment with his Eddie Bravo twister hold for a submission at 4:59 of Round Two.

Phil Davis. The reason I put him in this column is specifically because he didn’t look like Superman. He showed the world, “Hey, I’m not Jon Jones II!”, which will assuredly buy him some time to fight some guys in the middle of the top twenty at 205 pounds, since if he would’ve destroyed Lil’ Nog, he probably would’ve been shot straight to the top, which he is not ready for. If he would’ve destroyed Nogueria, he would have been shot into fights against guys on the top end of the top ten who would’ve chewed him up, spit him out and ruined his momentum.

Amir Sadollah. Most people knew Amir because he was on Ultimate Fighter and has a funny name. Ninety percent of fight fans couldn’t tell you anything else about him. Last night, he had a technically-strong, exciting fight that made people pay attention. He knew his cardio would be stronger than DaMarques Johnson’s since Johnson took the fight late, so he went out like a hurricane, swinging and moving. He successfully willed his strategy through, he had a fun fight to watch, and he looked dominate.

Nik Lentz. Lentz, who had SUCH a boring fight during the televised prelims of UFC 118 that supposedly he was being booked into fights specifically to lose so he could be fired, went out during the prelims on this show and had a talked-about highlight reel knockout that hopefully (for his sake) will save his job in case of a loss .


Dan Hardy. How the mighty have fallen. Literally one year ago, he was headlining a pay-per-view against Georges St. Pierre that did 850,000 buys, which was way more than what a lot of people expected at the time. Today, he’s on the bad end of a three-fight losing streak and probably looking at his next fight being the deciding factor in whether or not to cut him from the company, if this one wasn’t. Plus, it wasn’t one of those fights where the loser looked great; Anthony “Rumble” Johnson (who came in gigantic for a 170-pound fighter, like usual for Johnson) pretty much held him to the ground and kept him there for fifteen minutes. The telling visual was, at the end of the fight, where Johnson got off of Hardy to look triumphant (so the judges would be more willing to give him the round), Hardy laid on the ground with this look on his face like, “This sucked”.

Sean McCorkle. Not quite as strong of a “the mighty have falllen” story as Hardy, but he fell lower. The guy goes from co-main eventing UFC 119 in Indianapolis to losing in very strong fashion via guillotine to Christian Morecraft in the prelims at a time where losing in a fashion like that could cost you your job.

Strikeforce. Poor fellows. The impression given out when Zuffa bought Strikeforce was that they would promote the major Strikeforce shows on UFC cards. Strikeforce has a major card on April 9th and you would’ve never known watching Fight Night. It might have been a Spike TV directive to not promote Showtime, but so far, the promotional gods aren’t looking favorably.



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  1. tom richards permalink

    phil davis in the winners column? wow u must be drinkin the dave meltzer coolaid. davis showed last night he has nothin but wrestling and will never be nothin but a over hyped mid card guy. he wont be able to fight any of the top guys at 205, his stand up is non existent and if u can stop his take downs it becomes an easy night. till he got the take down with 2 minutes left in the 2nd round he did absolutely nothing in that fight last night. davis and lashley the night before both showed they will never be top guys in the fight business. too bad davis won cause now the over hyping will continue all year. dana white and joe silva will see the error of there ways and move davis way down the card so he can get crushing wins in lower level fights. whos says mma and wrestling arent the same business?? lol

  2. Phil Davis had a good night because he had a bad night. The world was comparing him to Jon Jones, which was going to get him this shot up the UFC 205 lb. ranks that would’ve exposed him quick, but now that people see that he’s not all that and a bag of chips, he’s going to be allowed a slower progression where he’ll be allowed to improve at a normal rate, as opposed to being a flash in the pan. That’s why I considered it a “win”.


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