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RETRO AUDIO – Joe vs. The World Wrestlemania shows

by on March 27, 2011

Both can be found at the following links and would make for some excellent audio before the big show in a few weeks. Shows are from 2007, but it’s not like anything at WrestleMania VI has changed in the past four years.

Justin Shapiro and Matt Foy return for part 1 in a special 2 part Wrestlemania Retrospective. We have recaps and remembrances of Wrestlemanias I-X, plus thoughts on all the great (and less-than-great) matches and angles. All this plus a lesson in Roman numerals, Robert Conrad, a rant about Wrestlemania III attendance, what Dave Meltzer thought of these shows, what sucked more: IV vs. IX, Dockers, blindfolds, wrestler death tolls, plus special music and the unveiling of the GORILLA MONSOON DROP BOARD. Double wide and double deep at 80 minutes of awesome!

Justin Shapiro & Matt Foy return for part II of our Wrestlemania retrospective. We cover the highs and lows of XI-XXII, along with some thoughts on XXIII, plus shampoo, all I needed to know about race relations I learned from Triple H, the Wrestlemania legacy of Paul London, jerks in the crowd with dumbfounded expressions, barbarians with water bottles, Khali: color commentator, Matt gets, uh, excited after WM XX, I lean on the fast forward during the Iron Man match, and Justin gets peal harbored by Gorilla Monsoon. Bigger, badder, and better at a whopping 90 minutes!


One Comment
  1. Thanks for the linkage, but please note that we taped this before the whole Benoit deal, in case our effusive praise of Wrestlemania XX seems weird.

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