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Mike’s old school ‘rasslin angle of the weekend

by on March 25, 2011

While Tom kindly writes up the matches of the day, I’m at work unable to access this site. No fear though – you will still get a shout from me every once in a while to check out something that I feel if you’re reading this website, you will enjoy.

I want you all to watch this. What starts out as a match featuring “The A Team” and are told by the announcers that Jerry Lawler is not there this week, a young man makes his debut in Memphis and in six minutes must have legitimately freaked out every person watching this at that time.

In 2011, he still does it.

If anyone has even a minuscule shred of doubt that Randy Savage is one of the greatest professional wrestlers who has ever been in this industry, this will easily wipe that silly opinion away.


  1. tom richards permalink

    i came across this last year, this was an awsome clip. what made this great is that savages dad was running an outlaw promotion (icw) in memphis so the 2 of them showing up was a pretty big deal and led to a great series of matches between lawler and savage. without a doubt randy savage is one of the best workers of all time in my opinion.

  2. Alan permalink

    THE INSANITY!!! I love it.

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