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3/25 Match of the Day: Dean Malenko vs Lord Steven Regal

by on March 25, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from the November 23, 1996 episode of WCW Saturday Night, as Dean Malenko wrestled Lord Steven Regal for the WCW World TV Title. Beyond the initial screwiness of this being a WCW Saturday Night match on the WCW Pro set, this is a really fun hold-for-hold match.

With the way these two clicked, it’s weird that they didn’t end up against each other more often in WCW, especially considering how much TV time they filled with thrown-together matches. These two wrestled extremely similar styles, but just different enough to create a unique little clash, plus physically, they seemed to click extremely well movement-wise. It really makes you think about the cool stuff that happens when Regal gets the chance to join the agents down at the roll-arounds before WWE TV tapings.

Also, the finish was good enough that they worked the sound guy. This isn’t a lost Match of the Decade candidate, but if you have eight minutes and want to watch some really good grappling, there are MUCH worse ways to spend your time.

(BONUS: Dusty Rhodes sings!)

To view the match, click under the cut.


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