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1994 WCW BLOGJECT: 1/22/94 (Abbreviated)

by on March 25, 2011

So, I have good news and bad news:

Good news: We”ll be up to January 29th by tomorrow night, as I’m posting that one tomorrow.

Bad news: My computer trashed the blog for January 22nd that I wrote the other night. I’d honestly go back and re-write it, but it wouldn’t be as good nor would the funny stuff be as humorous. So instead, I’m giving you this tonight: a truncated version of the 1/22 show review, with all of the wacky screencaps you’ve come to expect from this column.

Click below the cut for more…

The Nasty Boys wrestled Mark Starr and Ron Oates, who was a big ol’ dude. Starr and Oates got a LOT in compared to most Nasties squashes, where they would just kill the poor suckers. I’m guessing it was because of the Hogan/Florida connection (Starr is related to Mike Awesome, or at least broke in with him. Awesome is cousins with Hulk Hogan’s nephew Horace Boulder, plus the Nasties and Starr shared a stint in Florida in the mid-80’s). The Nasties ended up pinballing around for these guys (Knobbs in particular busted ass, shockingly) before the eventual finish.


Dustin Rhodes wrestled RICKY TANGO. Yes, not only did young Rick Tango exist, but he proceeded to crap the bed against Dustin, who got so angry that he tried yanking Tango’s hair out during the bulldog finish.  Dustin tried what he could with the guy, but Tango couldn’t bump, let alone have a match.


Ron Simmons beat the racist stereotype out of T.C. Carter. Ron Simmons This was VICIOUS.  On the finish, Simmons literally BOUNCED the dude like a basketball with his spinebuster. It was nearly on the level of the spinebuster he gave Johnny Grunge during the infamous Acolytes/Public Enemy beating on WWF TV in early-1999.


“Jungle” Jim Steel debuted, defeating the famously-pale “Hollywood” Bob Starr in seconds. Steel was one of the tens of “new Ultimate Warriors” that came through pro wrestling in the mid-90’s. His twist was that he WORE A LONECLOTH. Money, I tell you. His finisher was a Thesz Press pin, punily-named “The Steel Trap”. Who are the ad executives that came up with this one?!?!


Vader beat the crap out of Al Phillip (whom didn’t get named until right before the big Vader powerbomb). Rick Rude came out after the match, as he and Vader cut the single most testosterone-filled promo of all-time on Ric Flair & Sting for their Clash elimination tag match. Lots of yelling, sweating and hair growth.  To the left, you can see the ringside physician chiming in with his professional opinion of Vader’s health.


Marcus Alexander Bagwell (from Sprayberry High School) and 2 Cold Scorpio beat Tom Burton (who looked like a Road Warrior and Tony DeVito had an ugly baby) and Bill Payne. As noted in the retro Observer that went up this week, Payne totally dead-weighted Scorpio & Bagwell on the double-superplex finish.




In one HELL of a main event, Ric Flair, Sting, & The Boss (who is a big man) (w/CHOO CHOO ICE TRAIN) beat Steve Austin (who announced in a promo earlier in the show that he bought a manager’s license for the Clash when Col. Parker wrestled Brian Pillman in a chicken suit match), Rick Rude & Ron Simmons (who was a mystery partner…announced forty minutes before the match). It might not have been technically better than the Pillman/Sting-Austin/Rude tag from a couple of weeks prior, but it was more enjoyable to watch because of how chaotic it got towards the finish and how ridiculously hot the crowd was. Plus, the Boss fell on his head on this bump here.


One more note: there was WAY too much Gene Okerlund on this show. He was literally in EVERY segment. Sure, he looks adorable here, but by the time the first half of the show finished, I just wanted to stab him in his bald little face. If I had to hear one more vague plug about whether Arn Anderson was coming back or what’s going down at the Clash, I was going to do bad things to that little dude.


Until next time…


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