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3/24 Match of the Day: John Morrison & The Miz vs Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore

by on March 24, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from the January 8, 2008 ECW episode, as Wrestlemania 26 main eventer The Miz teams with John Morrison to face Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang for the WWE Tag Team Titles in a “15 Minutes of Fame” match (fancy term for (15-minute Ironman match).

Around this time, Morrison and Miz were getting a ton of praise for being a great team (and rightfully so), but they were also wrestling Yang and Moore (who looks like a goofball, but is one of the unheralded tag team wrestlers of the past decade, between 3 Count, the times he got to team with Matt Hardy during the Mattitude run, this team with Yang, and now Ink, Inc., one of the few high point of TNA shows when they’re able to work long matches). Yang is a bump freak who might as well be a human crash dummy and Moore is a guy who’s way smarter of a wrestler than he gets credit for.

This match is one of the few examples of an Ironman match working (which they’re especially handicapped with, since it’s only fifteen minutes), as they did a great job of convincing the crowd that these two guys that never win anything have a great shot at taking the tag belts, with some hot near-falls and great pacing. The opening flurry from the babyfaces is about as fast of pacing as you’ll see in a modern WWE match. The sad part was that the finish leaves it open to a straight-up rematch for the belts, but I don’t think they ever went back to the feud.

The match can be viewed under the cut…


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