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(VIDEO) WWE NXT 3/23/11 (w/ thoughts)

by on March 23, 2011

Credit to WWE’s Youtube page. Thoughts below the jump…

They totally sped up “Wild & Young” in the opening this week, like they just wanted to get through it.

-Besides her boobs, Maryse has to have gotten this job so her accent makes people think she’s announcing “Conan O’Brien” every week.
-Have they bothered to say what redemption points mean?
-Oh yay, a promo contest.
-I love Striker CONSTANTLY not knowing to suggest THE WWEEEEUNIVERSE!!! when he needs a special judge for a contest.
-It’s sad when the commentators are outdoing you at one-liners.
-Conor O’Brien should’ve brought back the “Yo Mama” jokes.
-Regal (I’m assuming) booing Titus was gold.
-OH SNAP THE 80’S WANT THEIR ROBE BACK…Darren Young lost his goodwill with me with his promo.
-Maryse being a douche to Cannon and Young was the best part of the segment so far.
-Oh, no…more of this. Just let all three win.
-For a guy who’s well-spoken, Byron Saxton is HORRENDOUS at thinking on his feet.
-Titus O’Neal’s shake thing when he laughed at Darren Young is my new NXT highlight of the season.
-Maryse stealing Darren Young’s spotlight to whip her hair was gold.
-Chavo Guerrero is my favorite NXT pro. His love for Darren Young is cute.

Darren Young vs Titus O’Neal-Titus’ boots bug me. The gold is just straight-up buggy.
-Titus throws the slowest Irish whips I’ve ever seen, like all of his opponents are six foot tall anvils. They’re bizarre.
-The way William Regal says “universe” almost makes the WWE Universe worth it.
-It SUCKS that they’re shoehorning the Hornswoggle/Chavo deal into this match, but at least Chavo’s not a heel and they’re treating it like a gentlemanly game of one-upsmanship.
-Clash of the Titus is a fantastically horrible finisher name.

-We don’t do Raw reviews on the site yet, but I just wanted to put over how amazing the HHH/Taker video with the sitdown interviews from Monday was. They did more for that match in two minutes than they’ve done in a month.
-Yoshi delivering WWE dialogue just like anyone who speaks decent English delivers it exposes how awful it is.
-The internet’s next great .gif file is Yoshi’s giggle after Maryse slapped Cannon.

-Lucky Cannon kind of looks like the younger Bravado brother on the gas.
-Subtle Kaval burial during this video package.
-Lucky playing with his pubes was kind of gross.
Match: Vladimir Koslov & Conor O’Brien vs. Jacob Novak & JTG
-Wait…it’s a dance-off. At least Striker made up his crowd about the crowd judging before he got out there.-JTG & Novak were totally handicapped by the song tempo being changed. BULLCRAP.
-Koslov can not help but be charming when he dances. The man’s adorable.

Byron Saxton vs Lucky Cannon
-I think the audio speed might just be Youtube; it sped up really bad during Yoshi Tatsu’s entrance song.
-Cannon trying to ape Regal by holding the arm down during the pin was inspired, but the execution left a lot to learn for Mr. Cannon.
-I seriously think Lucky Cannon has had the same singles match on NXT every week he get one on TV. They aren’t lying about FCW creating clones.-Saxton selling his posting like it knocked him out was lame.
-Cannon will hurt someone doing his finish like he did it on Byron Saxton, mark my words.

And that’s the show! As always, thanks for visiting us here at! We hope you come back soon!



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