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PROMO ROUNDUP For the week of 3/23/11

by on March 23, 2011

Part of what we want to do with this site is make your life as a fan of pro wrestling and/or MMA easier. We realize that most of you are busy people who don’t have all day to look up and down the internet for vital wrestling items. So, we’re going one step better to make your lives easier.

These days, a LOT of independent wrestlers are using Youtube to promote their upcoming bouts. It’s easy enough: you just need yourself, a match to promote, a camera and a computer. The problem is, EVERYONE can do it, so it’s hard for you, the wrestling fan, to find the stuff you need to see.

We present “Promo Roundup”, where we find some of the most entertaining, vital and must-see promos, throw them all in one place, and let you be entertained by them. The first edition is under the cut…

We start with a guy who made a huge name for himself, Jon Moxley, discussing his new valet for Wrestlemania weekend, Austin Aries fighting for the Open the Freedom Gate belt, Blood Warriors and more!

Speaking of Dragon Gate USA, here’s a video that “The New Horror” Sami Callihan released on Friday, challenging Masato Yoshino on April 2nd in Atlanta:

The new Ring of Honor World Champion, Eddie Edwards, speaks for the first time since winning the belt:

This isn’t necessarily a full promo, but it does one heck of a job promoting and getting the word out about the Briscoes/All Night Express feud that has ignited in Ring of Honor:

Finally,  from Insanity Pro in Indianapolis, friend of the site Billy Roc gets PUMPED for his new tag team with his student, Jeremy Hadley:


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