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3/23 Match of the Day: Jerry Lynn vs Barry Horowitz

by on March 23, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from the Global Wrestling Federation, as a very young Jerry Lynn (before the mirror spots, legdrop through the ropes and being annoying) faces Barry Horowitz. This was from after Horowitz’s one win over Pvt. Terry Daniels in Global, so I’m guessing this was early 1992.

The early-90’s American junior heavyweight style has always interested me, as you see little sprinkles of Japanese or lucha infuence, but not the abundance you see nowadays. Most of the good ones (of which these two were some of the best) were as good at the basics as any of their counterparts in mainstream American wrestling, plus since they were smaller, they had to stand out, so they worked much faster. They didn’t do anything insane, but they did the regular stuff so great that it looked flashy (i.e.: Horowitz’s pin rollout from the referee’s position).

To watch the match, click under the jump…

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