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3/22 Match of the Day: AJ Styles vs Jimmy Rave vs Jason Cross vs JC Dazz (Ladder Match)

by on March 22, 2011

From NWA Wildside’s Fright Night 2001 event, today’s Match of the Day is one of the most famous matches in company history: a ladder match for their junior heavyweight title between AJ Styles, Jimmy Rave, J.C. Dazz and Jason Cross.

This was from about eight months before Styles blew up big through TNA and you can see the potential shining through (though honestly, I thought Cross was the more athletic, spectacular of the two both overall and in this match). The story going in was that Dazz and Cross were both members of the evil NWA Elite, led by Jeff G. Bailey, while Styles and Rave were pals fighting off the Elite on a weekly basis. Styles and Rave had publicly set aside friendship in a promo on the Wildside television show the week before, while Dazz and Cross were under a mission to bring the belt to the Elite around Cross’ waist…but would Dazz be down with that?

The match was very 2001ish at times (good ideas, poor execution), but the crowd was hot enough that you could hear them well under the infamous horrible audio of the Wildside production crew and the guys took RIDICULOUS bumps that it more than makes it worth watching. Plus, it’s a cool look backwards at Styles and Rave before they were stars (and especially interesting as Rave tries to make a national comeback at Dragon Gate USA during Wrestlemania weekend). Enjoy.

(To view the match, click on the link to read more…)


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