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3/18 Match of the Day: Dudebusters vs Hart Dynasty

by on March 18, 2011


4/29/10 (for some reason, it won’t let me time the player to the beginning of the match, so skip to 33:00)

Thoughts below the cut…
In honor of Superstars’ premature death, we give you the epitome of the show: guys who weren’t getting used on the main show for inexplicable reasons going out and busting some butt.

Yeah, we’re cheating by providing two matches today, but neither’s too long and they’re both really good, so hopefully no one complains too much. The April 2nd match was quite solid and featured, arguably, the best use of that Jerry Lynn guillotine legdrop spot that I complained about in the blur for MOTD on 3/15. The 4/29 match features more cool “stuff” (the Tyson Kidd spinning wristlock reversal, Barreta’s headlock takedown slam, Barreta’s Sal Rinauro-like backdrop bump, etc.) and they got far more time (I believe I even voted the 4/29 match my #25 match on Mike’s 2010 Match of the Year poll, which is coming to the site soon).

Either way, you should find something you dig in either or both matches. It’s just an example of how Superstars was great for allowing the undercard workhorses the time necessary to have really good TV matches.  We should be back with a new episode of “Mike & Tom Present…” on Sunday with Ben Pasco and Joe Gagne, then MOTD returns on Monday with a Mike pick.



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