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Songs from Ep. 25: Harding Rainbow

by on March 17, 2011

So, I usually get at least a couple of IM’s or Facebook messages per show, asking about what songs we use for the intro/outro of that week’s particular episode. I figured it’d be easier (and would answer the question for those listeners who can’t get ahold of me directly) if I made it public knowledge.

I just have one plea: if you dig what you hear, try to find a way to give the artists a couple of bucks and pay for the songs.

More after the jump….

“Shatter Your Lungs” – The Get Up Kids

“Suicide Girl” – Belle & Sebastian

“Where’s My Machine Gun?” – The Singing Loins

“This is Why We Fight” – The Decemberists

Hope this helps anyone who had any curiosities about the music we used. If we turned even one listener onto a new band, that’s kind of cool.



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