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GLEEBLOG #2: “Original Song” Recap/Thoughts

by on March 17, 2011

“Original Song”


The episode begins with the Warblers singing Maroon 5’s “Misery”. When Blaine asks Kurt what he thinks, Kurt tells him it was good, but that since Blaine sings solo on almost every song, he feels like the rest of the Warblers are just his backup singers.

Rachel sings Finn her latest original song, “Only Child”. Finn tells her she seems scared to dig down deep enough to find the kind of pain she needs to write a song. A jealous Quinn watches from the hall, deciding that Rachel is the only thing standing in her way of become prom queen and that she has to become her BFF to bring her down.

After Sue sabotages the glee club yet again, Mr. Schue finally agrees to let the kids perform original songs after Quinn backs up Rachel and Santana and Sam show interest in the idea.

Pavarotti, the Warblers’ mascot dies, leaving Kurt distraught. He decides to sing a song in Pavarotti’s memory, and chooses “Blackbird” by the Beatles. The performance makes Blaine realize his feelings for Kurt, and he asks that his solo performance for regionals be made a duet instead, requesting Kurt as his partner. He tells Kurt how he feels, AND THEY KISS!!!!

Various glee club members perform the original songs they’ve been working on, including Santana’s ode to Sam’s mouth called “Trouty Mouth”, Puck’s song for Lauren titled “Big Ass Heart” and Mercedes’ rebellious anthem “Hell To The No”. Mr. Schue tells them that the best songs are about hurt, and Artie mentions that they could gain inspiration from Sue’s mistreatment of them. Finn says that even though it hurts, it gives you the drive to win, and thus, their original song “Loser Like Me” is born.

Quinn tells Rachel that she will end up with Finn, and they’ll stay in Lima and raise a family, and there’s no place for her there. Rachel tells her she’s wrong, and Quinn retorts, saying she can’t write a song because she lives in a schoolgirl fantasy. Rachel channels her anger and hurt into a song.

Sue’s glee club, Aural Intensity, opens up regionals with Sonseed’s “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine”, which Sue picked specifically for the judges (Rod Remington, a stripper-turned-nun played by Loretta Devine and a Sarah Palin-esque politician played by Kathy Griffin). Backstage, Blaine tells Kurt that he and his growing nerves are adorable, and they take the stage for their duet, “Candles” by Hey Monday, during which Finn and Rachel share an emotional look. The Warblers finish with P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass”.

While getting ready backstage, Rachel tells Finn to listen carefully to the words of her song, because she means them. She then takes the stage, solo, to begin her ballad “Get It Right”. New Directions then sing their song “Loser Like Me”, and the crowd goes crazy for it. New Directions end up winning, causing Sue to punch the governor’s wife (who announced it) in the face. Rachel is unanimously voted the competition MVP by the rest of the club.

My thoughts:

*WHY is Finn back with Quinn? She cheated on him with his best friend, got pregnant by his best friend and then LIED to him and told him it was his. Rachel didn’t do anything nearly that bad. Ugh.

*I am SO excited about Kurt and Blaine! I literally squeed. Tom can attest to that.

*Kurt’s rendition of “Blackbird” is one of the best songs they’ve had on the show. I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

*Quinn was so nice when she was the outcast pregnant chick, but it’s like as soon as the Cheerios uniform went back on, so did the beeyotch. I’m so over her attitude.

*I applaud the use of original songs. They ended up being better than I expected them to.

*I think I disagree with Finn that “Only Child” is better than “My Headband”. But I may need to listen to “My Headband” again to really make an informed decision.

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