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(VIDEO) WWE NXT – 3/15/11

by on March 16, 2011

Courtesy of WWE’s Youtube page, it’s this week’s episode of NXT!  Thoughts…

The opening video is fantastic, just for Lucky Cannon’s crotch cam and the gleam in Conor O’Brien’s eye.

William Regal on Jacob Novak: “I’m trying to think of something good to say, but I really just want to go in there and punch him in the mouth.”
-Darren Young is wearing a watch over his wrist tape. It’s bullcrap he didn’t use it to declare it was “Darren Young Time”.
-Lucky Cannon went after Titus O’Neal with a scratch to the neck. For real.
-If someone with a clue tried to do what Lucky Cannon’s doing, it’d work.
-William Regal’s lime green shirt is easily the best thing anyone’s ever worn on NXT.

More after the cut…

-Including hideous botches during the Titus O’Neal video is an interesting approach to getting him over.
-Titus seems like such a nice guy. I feel bad that he sucks so much.
MATCH: Darren Young vs Titus O’Neal
-Darren Young is EASILY the best guy on this show. It’s amazing what working for weeks on end with William Regal will do for a guy.
*Koslov might be the best dresser in WWE.
*The Roderick Strong gutbuster is an infinitely-better finisher than the Hurts Donut. If Young just works on his fire, he could be awesome.

*It’s sad that two people who barely speak the same language have better chemistry than any other male-female pair on WWE TV.

*It’s hella frustrating that I cannot remember whose entrance music was used for the Jacob Novak video.
MATCH: Yoshi Tatsu & Byron Saxton vs. Lucky Cannon & Tyson Kidd
*It’s semi-awkward to hear the only mention of the Japanese earthquakes on WWE TV during wacky NXT.
*It continues to blow my mind how over Yoshi Tatsu is without any TV time whatsoever. Every week they go without doing something with Yoshi Tatsu on TV is a week wasted. He’s not going to be John Cena, but if you just keep him in the mix with the top guys and give him a good win now and again, he could be what Evan Bourne was going to be before someone ex-nayed him last year.
*Sexton’s hot tag is surprisingly firey, considering I’d have to believe he’s only ever worked as a heel in front of any sort of crowd.
*The Cruel Intentions spinebuster is a great finisher for a tall guy. Hopefully it doesn’t go to waste on Lucky.

*It blows my mind that they wasted the production team’s time on doing a video package on the Titus O’Neal keg deal.
*Alan4L > JTG at going “Shhhhyeaaaah!”
*I’m almost positive the pros were booked for this show just to hear them cheerlead in their wacky accents.
*It’s scary how much Lucky Cannon sounds like Lash LeRoux when he speaks French.
*Hornswoggle’s dry erase gimmick looked like a lunch box, which made me think of other NXT lunch boxes they could produce (i.e.: an Eli Cottonwood lunch box that says “MUSTACHE” in fuzzy print). The wasted potential makes me sad.
*RIDICULOUS pop for Titus O’Neal’s win. Wrestling is great because it gets people to care THAT much about people running with kegs.

That does it for this week. Not an incredibly-noteworthy show, but if Superstars is as lackluster as the line-up suggests, Lucky/Tyson vs Yoshi/Byron could be the B-show match of the week.



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