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3/16 MATCH OF THE DAY – Headshrinkers vs High Energy

by on March 16, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day isn’t such a rarity, but it’s pretty fantastic. From the 1992 Survivor Series, Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware face Fatu & Samu, also known as the Headshrinkers.

Around the time that the sadly-failed Survivor Series Anthology set came out, this match got a bit of a buzz about it, and for good reason. When people go back and watch old WWF TV/PPV, the stuff that usually stands out are the anomalies. Enhancement guys getting murder-killed, guys cutting promos that seem to allegedly be under the influence and, in the case of this match, are guys working at one-hundred times the speed of almost every other WWF match of the time.

The Headshrinkers were around their peak at this point, coming into the WWF after their runs across America as the Samoan Swat Team, and what better way to debut them on Pay-Per-View than against two small, fast-paced, athletic good guys? The opening sequence with Owen and (I believe) Fatu is a BEAUTIFUL display of controlled chaos. The shocking thing is that they kept up that pace for the entire match. It’s kind of ridiculous and pretty awesome. Check it out!


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