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MATCH OF THE DAY (3/15/11): Seth Rollins vs Trent Barreta

by on March 15, 2011

We all do it. You can’t sleep, nothing on TV, you’ve seen everything on Netflix, so you go to the shiny ol’ computer and Youtube the crap out of it. Usually when I go to Youtube, I either search for music videos by bands from that whole late-80’s alternative scene pre-Nirvana or I look out for pro wrestling matches that I didn’t think existed. I’m sure a lot of you do something similar, so we’re here to provide a service: we find these matches FOR YOU. Once a day (probably just on weekdays), either Mike or I will find a cool match on Youtube/Dailymotion, link you to it, then describe why you should spend a little piece of your day enjoying it. Capice?

This ditty comes to us from Florida Championship Wrestling, as M&T favorite Trent Barreta (seriously, half of the damned shows are about him) faces former ROH Champion and monocolored dreamboat Seth Rollins (formerly Tyler Black) at an FCW house show from February 11, 2011 in Gainsville, Florida. It’s interesting, in my opinion, just because it’s arguably the two biggest “internet darlings” still in developmental facing each other in a match I’m shocked that they haven’t done on their TV show yet.

It gets a little too Chris Daniels/Jerry Lynn/2001 INDIE RESPECT STYLE at times (Barreta even blatantly apes the Lynn “guillotine legdrop through the ropes” spot at one point), but it’s still refreshing to see two guys who don’t look like He-Man figures trying stuff more complex than, “Lock-up, headlock, shouldertackle, both muscleheads stare at each other longingly before trying it again”. The crowd isn’t the greatest, but that just means you can multi-task, grab one of our episodes, and listen to us while watching the match (SHILLING THE SITE YOU’RE CURRENTLY ON…how ’bout it?).

The finish is pretty great and way cooler than something you’d expect from WWE developmental guys. If you were a devout Ring of Honor fan, you probably will go, “Eh, I’ve seen it”, but in this environment, it was really cool. Personally, I’m more of a fan of one really awesome thing done in front of a crowd that would never expect it than one hundred incredible things done in front of people who’ve seen them all. Crowd reaction does a lot for a match like this.

So, check this bad boy out. If you have thoughts and opinions of your own about it, feel free to talk about them below. Let’s create a conversation. I love you all. xOxOx.


  1. GREAT match that I would not have seen otherwise. I lurk at the WO board and found the blog that way–will make sure to check it out regularly!

  2. Thanks so much man for reading. It’s appreciated!

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