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Episode 24: Where in the World is Alan Counihan?

by on March 15, 2011

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We’re joined for the first of AT LEAST TWO episodes this week by Alan Counihan (the host of “Dr. Keith Presents…” on, as he’s absolutely “4 Life” about wXw Germany’s big 16 Carat Tournament from this past weekend! Absolutely any detail you’d want to know about 16 Carat 2011, including all of the best matches, the silliness that occured between shows, the local half-naked bar wrestling/urination scene, and much more! Plus, Alan busts out some snowflakes, we find out how a mask really makes a difference when approaching a man in public, and other miscellaneous subjects!

Tomorrow (yes, tomorrow), we’ll be joined by Dragon Gate USA/Evolve referee Jason Harding to discuss his career in pro wrestling, including the time he spent in Japan during the Dragon Gate “WrestleJam” tour years ago, plus the debut of “In The Car”, a new segment where Mike is joined by Tom Richards on the drive home from the Chikara show this past Saturday night!

Approximate time: 87 minutes.

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