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Episode 23: The Mystery Files of Jonathan Gresham!

by on March 5, 2011

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….and we’re BACK! This week, we gather to first play America’s new quiz show sensation, “Glee or Wii?”, featuring the audio debut of my lovely fiancee, Alex (she’s a girl). Much like Episode 21’s “Cryer…or Flyer?”, Mike is given five titles and MUST determine whether they are Glee episodes or Wii games.

Then, we bring in Tom Richards as we preview Insanity Pro Wrestling’s big card TONIGHT in Indianapolis, featuring Jimmy Jacobs plus Drake Younger versus Scotty Vortekz (more information at! Lots of positive vibes and heads-up on new, up-and-coming Midwest wrestlers that you should be checking out during that segment (and recommendations on where to start, if you want to get into IPW). Plus, we talk about the ROH iPPV, WCW Superbrawl II, and we spoil the CRAP out of DDT4! Also, Tom Richards delivers a public service announcement that I hope you all learn from.

(Note: for the first time ever, we’ve left this episode mostly unedited. All the bloops, bleeps, and bodyslams are left in.)

(Second note: I didn’t realize we already used the Shelby Woo spoof title already until after the show uploaded. It’s late and I just want to go to bed, so it’s staying “The Secret Files of Jonathan Gresham”. From now on, if we don’t have a good title, that’s what we’re using.)

Approximate time: 77 Minutes.

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