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Episode 22: Tales from the Travelodge!

by on February 26, 2011

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The two best members of Australia’s Olympic curling team are back! This week, we’re joined again, by POPULAR DEMAND, by Tom Richards, who is a fantastic human being with lots of stories to tell (If you don’t know who he is, please listen to episode #21. You’ll fall in love). He comes with tales of the ECW Arena from the mid-90’s, including the TRAVELODGE (trust me, it was worth ditching the Nickelodeon titles for one episode). We also discussed the tape-trading culture of the mid-90’s, Rey Mysterio Jr’s ECW run, Pro Wrestling Elite,  and more!

We finish up the show with a discussion of the ROH iPPV tonight, plus AAW doing shows in the dark, some general indies discussion, and more! We’ve got some really cool guests lined up in the next few weeks, plus Tom Richards returning in the near-future, so hopefully everyone enjoys what we’ve got coming up!

Approximate time: 74 minutes.

Also, it unfortunately won’t let me embed this video with the timemark, but the insane Daizee Haze bump we brought up on the show can be seen at

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