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Episode 19: Best of ’10 Series: The Orange Al-Guanas!

by on January 8, 2011

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Everyone’s favorite polka-enthusiast audio show is back! This week, we’re joined by Alan Counihan of (or, as Dave Meltzer calls him, Dr. Keith Lipinski), as we go through our ballots for the Wrestling Observer Year-End Awards! Obviously, an hour isn’t enough time to go through every single category, so we tried to make it as wrestling-friendly as possible (though a few MMA references seem to seep through the cracks).

Also, if you haven’t sent in your ballot yet, the voting on Mike’s “Top 25 Matches of 2010” closes on Saturday, January 15th! If you want your voice heard, please send a list of the 25 best pro wrestling matches in the past year to

(P.S.: I know it’s 2011, and the last episode with Naylor wasn’t part of the unofficial series, but this is more of a 2010 recap than anything we’ve done and quite frankly, “The Orange Al-guanas” was just too easy of a title to pass up.)

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