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Episode 18: Legends of the Lehigh Valley!

by on December 22, 2010

Well…we tried our hardest to do a year-end recap for the rest of American independent wrestling. Fun got in the way.

This week, we were joined by the oft-requested Rob Naylor (yes, I know Rob’s not from the Lehigh Valley area…but the title was clever to me). The original idea was to talk about ROH’s Plymouth show this past weekend, some Big Japan, and finish up recapping the year that was for ROH, PWG, and DGUSA/Evolve. We got two-thirds of the agenda in, but after BJPW came up, we went into Off-Topic-ville, where luminaries such as Brady Boone and Pauly Shore came up, as well as threatening e-mails sent to us by wrestlers, how easy you kids have it these days with your internet, and Al Snow being a stinkin’ lunatic. (Editoral note: this was probably the most fun we’ve ever had recording an episode, so hopefully it’s that fun listening).

(Note: this, like the Survivor Series show a few weeks ago, was a long one at a little over 90 minutes, so it’d probably be best for long holiday driving.)

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(Note #2: We had to use a new recording program since Rob’s on the Tony Atlas cella-phone and my program hates outbound calls. It worked fine until about 53 minutes in, when I start echoing and repeating like Max Headroom. I wanted to apologize ahead of time, but Mike & Rob come in fine and they were madly entertaining.)

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