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Episode 15: Fifteen (The Survivor Series Retrospective!)

by on November 22, 2010

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Episode #15 is what, some would call, a doozy! Joe Gagne ( joins us again, this time to recap the first four WWF Survivor Series pay-per-view events!

From 1987-1990, teams of four or five strived to survive, and we’re here to talk about them! All the rhyming team names, odd pairings, and Bad News Brown’s douchiness to his partners in general is discussed! An effort was made to try not to be all “Hey, remember when? Yeah, wrestling sucks now…”, but it was unavoidable at times. But nonetheless, as Gorilla Monsoon would say, “kick back, make your sandwiches and grab your drinks, and enjoy the action of the World Wrestling Federation!”.

(Note: This is probably recommended listening for those of you who have long drives to relatives’ houses on Thanksgiving, as we ended up recording a super-sized 85-minute edition of the show.)

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